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Personal Performance Power – brought to you by Audition Oracle

Course 1 – Starting Monday 6th February at 12.30pm

Hypno Powered Performance


We are collaborating with hypnotherapist Julie Bale. Together our goal is to:

  • Reframe your audition anxiety
  • Unleash your voice
  • Maximise your performance potential

Join us to create positive performance habits:

  • 5 live 30 minute sessions: 6th–10th Feb at 12.30
  • 1 live 90 minute bonus master session: 23rd Feb at 16:00
  • Access videos on demand: full details below

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Personal Performance Power

Audition Oracle is committed to helping singers with all aspects of what it takes to have a successful career in opera. As part of our mission, we have teamed up with Performance Anxiety coach Julie Bale to bring you our first course – Hypno-Powered Performance.

Make 2023 the year to take the initiative and actively maximise your own potential through small, committed steps along a new career path of your designing.

Hypno-Powered Performance

Do you:

  • Struggle with audition or performance anxiety?
  • Prepare your audition repertoire meticulously and yet nerves still derail your auditions and performances?
  • Want to harness the positive power of your nerves?

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Why Hypnotherapy?

Recently at Audition Oracle we offered free 1:1 sessions with hypnotherapist Julie Bale. Astonished by the numbers of singers coming forward with anxieties around auditioning and performing, we collaborated with Julie to put together an affordable online course – Hypno-Powered Performance.

Learn how to:

  • eradicate imposter syndrome
  • remove self-doubt
  • build self-confidence
  • retrain your mind to take you on an exciting new path to audition success

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Stay accountable

By the end of January most people’s enthusiasm for resolutions is fading. Meet us online in February and join a community of artists committed to unleashing their full performance potential.


PART 1: Join us daily for five consecutive days:

  • Monday the 6th–Friday 10th of February 2023
  • Live on zoom at 12.30pm (GMT)
  • Each session is a maximum of 30 minutes

PART 2: Bonus Hypno-Powered Performance Master session:

  • Thursday 23rd February
  • Live on zoom at 4pm (GMT)
  • Extended 90-minute master session


  • Zoom links will be sent via email before the course starts each morning.
  • Can’t join us live? Don’t worry, all videos will be available online later that same day and for the next 60 days. You will be required to sign a user agreement to access them.

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Cost – £30 for the whole six-session course

We are deliberately making our courses as affordable as we can and are charging only £30 for the whole course and 60-day catch-up period. If this amount is prohibitive to your taking part, please email with your case as we have 10 bursaries available.

Need to get in touch? Have a question? Email the team on [email protected]

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About Julie Bale

Julie Bale

Julie Bale is a clinical hypnotherapist and soprano who has worked in the music industry for over 30 years as a classical singer, voice teacher and choral conductor. She has studied vocal technique and pedagogy with the renowned professor Janice Chapman for over 20 years. Having always been fascinated by the concept of the winning mindset for performers and knowing that technique alone cannot prepare a singer for the psychological demands required of them in performance she has spent her career looking for ways to alleviate the performance nerves, pre-performance anxieties, fear of not being good enough and delivering performances on autopilot and not giving the performance she knew she was capable of. After discovering the benefits of therapeutic hypnosis for herself and using the exercises and techniques in her own performances and then with a small study group of singers of all levels of ability and experience with great success, she set up Hypnotherapy for Performance in July 2022. She has developed and curated a set of simple, classic therapeutic hypnosis techniques and exercises, which can be used by anyone, which she uses with performers to enable them to create and deliver powerful performances and free them from the anxieties, fears and stresses of a performer’s life.

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