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Boris Papak

Voice Type:





Bosnia and Herzegovina

Languages (fluent):

English, Italian, German


Le Dancaire
''Carmen'' (G. Bizet)
Operosa Opera Festival

Contemporary Opera

Pervan Stoičkov
''The Mess'' (Milica Ilić)
Young at Opera, Operosa Opera Festival
Supreme Devil
''The boy who feared nothing'' (Dimitrije Golemović)
Faculty of music in Belgrade

Covered Covered & Performed Scenes Premiere of New Work Concert COVID-cancelled

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Laureat of competition of solo singers ''Nikola Cvejic'' in Ruma (2018)

First award of competition of solo singers ''Vera Vitkai Kovac'' in Novi Sad (2017)

Solo singing
Faculty of music in Belgrade
Music education
Faculty of music in Belgrade

Boris Papak, born in 1995 in Prijedor, Bosnia and Herzegovina, finished his primary and secondary music education with professor of solo singing Tijana Vuksan and professor Miljana Radinović in 2015th. He continued his education in Belgrade at the Faculty of Music Arts with studies of Music Pedagogy. A year later he signed up for studies of solo singing with prof. Ljudmila Gros Popović. He won numerous awards at republic and international solo singing competitions ( International Competition ‘’Nikola Cvejić’’ in Ruma, International Competition ‘’Vera Vitkai Kovač’’ in Novi Sad, Konjović International Competition ‘’Petar Konjović’’ in Belgrade ) and was a longtime member and soloist of the Serbian Orthodox Church Singing Society ‘’Vila’’ in Prijedor. He performed as soloist with the female choir "Collegium Musicum" from Belgrade, as well as with the Representative Orchestra of the Serbian Guards Unit. He was also a member of the Vocal Ensemble in Trondheim, Norway in the opera La Traviata (2018) and Otello (2017) and of the Vocal Ensemble in Kristiansand, also in Norway in the opera "La Traviata '' (2017). He also participated in the World Festival of Youth and Students in Sochi, Russia in 2017. He performed at regular concerts of the Department of Solo Singing of the Faculty of Music Arts in Belgrade, as well as at the festivities held by the Faculty.
He was also part of Operosa team in 2018th year in Carmen production at Operosa Festival in Herceg Novi, Montenegro and in recitativo workshop with Martin Lloyd-Evans and Elizabeth Rowe.

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