10 step check list for audition application success!

By Audition Oracle – Thu 14 Sep 2017 @ 8:05

10 step check list for audition application success!


10 step check list for audition covering letters | Audition Oracle

You have found a fantastic audition or work opportunity for which you:-

  1. Fit the brief.  If you don’t, save your time and energy. Be selective.
  2. Are available for the rehearsals period & shows as required. Companies have limited audition slots. If you knowingly audition for them when you aren’t free for the work, you risk frustrating the company and being blacklisted next time.

Now it is time to make a thoughtful, clear and concise application. Your cover letter, email or message is the first thing reaching the opera company before they even open your CV. Give time and attention to this initial contact to give your applicaiton the best possible chance of being selected.

Have you...


Filled out the subject line?

Have they requested specific info here? If not, make the subject line useful by including name, voice-type and role to be considered for.


Addressed the email/message or letter apropriately?

If one is not given, research an appropriate name within the company. No names available? Include a polite introduction such as 'Dear Sir/Madam,'.


Remembered to state why you are contacting the company.

They may be advertising for many different positions. “I am a bass-baritone and would like to be considered for the role of happy sprite in The Miserable Ghost as advertised on Audition Oracle”. We have seen ‘I want to audition' or "would like to audition for opportunity above" as the ONLY text included! 


Been asked for a motivational paragraph?

If so, it is vital that you take the time to do this. Ignore it and you risk appearing disinterested. Keep it succinct (they don't have time to read a thesis) and be sure to answer any questions.          


Attached all requested documents or files?

If they ask for a filled-out application form rather than a CV, do take the time to do it as this will be part of their selection process


Attached a one page CV saved in your name as a PDF and under a specific size?

It takes second. Open the document, click 'save as' then select PDF from the drop-down list of formats. Google can tell you how to change the name of a file or re-size a document depending on the computer you use. More information about creating your one page CV HERE.


Included sound files or links to sound files?

Links are quicker to access and do not clog-up inboxes. Lots of free media sharing tools exist – soundcloud, vimeo, you tube.


Signed off politely and correctly?

“Yours Josephine” is a little different to “Yours, Josephine!”


Checked your spelling and grammar one last last time?

Auto correct has a lot to answer for!


Included your contact details?

Ensure your electronic signature with suitable contact details and links to your online casting profile / website are that the bottom of your email. Make it as easy as possible for a company to consider and contact you. 


You're good to go! Toi, toi, toi for the opera audition season ahead.


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