Over £3,800 of support given. Apply for our latest award today!

By Audition Oracle – Wed 1 Aug 2018 @ 14:45

 Audition Oracle Singers Preparation Award

Audition Oracle Singers Preparation Award Winners


At the start of 2018 we launched an initiative to give away £300 of support every month to a different Audition Oracle member to help them arrive at their next job, performance or project fully prepared. This was a development from our one off Singers Preparation Award back in 2017. Above are some of our hugely talented, dedicated and well deserving recipients.

Audition Oracle, Opera Cabbie and many anonymous patrons have enabled us to donate over £3,800 of support to date. We love going through the applications each month and find ourselves wishing we could help every singer that applies. If you would like to donate a financial award or complementary package to Audition Oracle Singers Preparation Award please drop Melanie an email to [email protected].
To apply for our latest award, please fill out the application form below. Applications for our July bursary will remain open till the 6th of August this month as we know many of you are ensconced in your summer seasons!

Apply for our latest £300 Audition Oracle Singers Preparation Award

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