Blue Monday - An Optimistic Spin for Classical Singers

By Audition Oracle – Fri 12 Jan 2024 @ 15:16

Blue Monday within a raining cloud. Behind the sun is coming  out and a rainbow is peaking down from the top left hand corner. All on a deep blue background


As we approach the infamous Blue Monday (Monday 15th January), let's flip the script and add an optimistic spin on what is known to be the most depressing day of the year. Let's turn Blue Monday into a symphony of positivity with these uplifting practices: 

1: Warming Up your Voice with Kindness and Imagination

Kick off your day with a vocal warm-up that not only gets your voice going but also encourages imagination, creativity and kindness. Picture each note as a stroke of colour on a canvas. Rather than listening to yourself, imagine your sound as colours and textures. 

2: Celebratory Repertoire for your Singing Practice

Today choose pieces that tell tales of triumph, love, and happiness. Pick arias and songs that are uplifting and immerse yourself in the beauty and buoyancy of the music. 

Intermezzo: A Moment of Thanks for your Singing Voice

Pause and take a moment to appreciate the privilege of having a beautiful voice, musicality, and having been able to study and being able to share these gifts with the world. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and recognise the power of your art to uplift and inspire. Stay there and recall a few (singing-related) moments you feel grateful for. Relive those moments and remember how they felt at the time. 

3: Connection and Collaboration with your Opera Colleagues

Reach out to your fellow musicians, whether virtually or through rehearsals, and offer a simple note of encouragement, reminiscence, or camaraderie.

Finale: A Personal Performance of Brilliance

As the day winds down, indulge in your favourite recording, either of yourself or another singer; and revel in the brilliance of the music-making. Share snippets of these musical moments on your socials to spread the positive vibes. 

Coda: Beyond Blue Monday

Let the newfound positivity of Blue Monday linger; approach rehearsals, performances, and interactions with the same optimism, gratitude, kindness and joy. Together let’s transform Blue Monday into a catalyst for positivity! 

Be Kind to Yourself. Reach Out for Support

And lastly, remember to be kind to yourself if you don’t manage to transform Blue Monday into a positive experience. Please don't suffer in silence and alone. Below we have included some useful links and phone numbers if you feel you, or anyone you know, needs extra support and advice.
Music Minds Matter or 0808 802 8008
Help Musicians UK provide financial help in crisis or illness
Music Support (or 0800 030 6789) is a helpline for mental ill-health or addiction
BAPAM connects performing artists with free health support 
Mind is a general resource