Are you ready for the opera audition season ahead?

By Audition Oracle – Fri 1 Sep 2017 @ 9:15

Are you ready for the opera audition season ahead?


So, you have finished up your summer season contract and if lucky, have had a holiday and are now refreshed and ready to go. Or are you?

Have you…

Prepared your audition repertoire?

  • Do you have five contrasting arias up your sleeve and ready to go at the drop of a hat?
  • Is it repertoire that you can be cast in right now?
  • Can you sing it even when you are only firing on 80%?
  • Does it show off your unique qualities and abilities that help set you apart?

Updated your CV?

  • The predominant UK preference is a one page CV saved as a PDF
  • Check the file size and reduce if over 1MB.
  • Make life easy for the administrator or casting assistant and save it in your name and voice type
  • Read more about creating your CV HERE

Got an eye-catching, up to date photo?

  • Out-of-date or poor quality photos can seriously hamper your chances of being selected for an audition.
  • Make sure yours is a good representation of you and catches some of the spark of your character
  • Include your photo within your CV

Recorded your audio & video files?

  • More and more companies are selecting candidates not only on CV but also on audio & video files
  • Upload your files to Soundcloud, Vimeo or similar so that you can provide a clickable link from which companies can access your audio & video without clogging up thier inbox or exceeding attachment limits
  • Add a choice media link to your CV

Done your audition research?

  • With more singers than ever competing for less and less audition opportunities, it is important to get your application in early. Don't wait for the deadline
  • Since the introduction of company accounts, Audition Oracle has had more and more exclusive opportunities
  • With our mobile friendly work & auditions board you can save opportunities for quick reference/to apply later, keep track of your applications
  • Make applications on the go. In one click send your CV direct from phone to employer through Audition Oracle
  • Receive instant alerts for the opportunities that mater to you and get regular round ups of the opportunities available


  • Main house companies rarely publically advertise principle auditions. Their casting is largely done via agents but it is possible to get heard
  • Many companies have a policy to hear people that contact them direct
  • Update your materials with them whenever you have appropriate notable additions to your CV in line with the level of opportunity they would offer or once to twice a year

 Toi, toi, toi!