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Corinne Minor

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United States

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Advance Certificate in Vocal Pedagogy
New York University
Masters of Music in Vocal Performance
New York University
Bachelors of Music in Vocal Performance
Western Carolina University
Minor in Psychology
Western Carolina University

Corinne Minor is a recent graduate of New York University receiving her Master of Music in Vocal Performance, as well as an Advance Certificate in Vocal Pedagogy. She studied under Kathleen Myrick and received coaching from Christine Reimer. While at NYU She performed in A Catered Affair as Myra and the Saleswoman and received a soloist spot in NYU's A Night at the Opera, as Countess from Marriage of Figaro. She also studied at Western Carolina University under Dr. William Martin, giving her opportunity to work with Asheville Lyric Opera in Asheville, NC performing in their performance of La Traviata. She currently works as a voice teacher with a school on Long Island and continues to study with Kathleen Myrick.

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