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Photo: SJ Charlesworth Photography

Eve Daniell

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British, Canadian


United Kingdom

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Where are you, my beloved? "The Enchantress" Tchaikovsky - Live Recording, 2015 Pavarotti Prize comp

BC Arts Council Early Career Development Grant (2016)

International Opera Foundation Bursary (2016)

Sainsbury Award (2015)


Pavarotti Prize (2015)

"Nerone was sung by Eve Daniell ... and on the strength of her voice alone, this was excellent casting ... displaying a comfortable top and a crystalline tone that belied the malice behind it. Projection and denunciation was of a very high quality. Daniell’s acting captured the psychotic whimsy and lust of the character well." - Bachtrack (2016)

As Nerone, Canadian Eve Daniell used her powerful soprano with skill, control and good judgement. Her voice is silkily rich, and as agile at the top as it is secure and full at the bottom. Its clarity and beauty were piquantly at odds with Nerone’s intentions. The appealing, bright sound communicated the Emperor’s misguided optimism and assurance, as well as his immaturity. Daniell captured the despot’s absolute self-absorption, posing and strutting with the preoccupied narcissism of a modern-day reality-TV contestant. The soprano was excellent in the rapid dialogue — indeed, the cast’s Italian diction was uniformly idiomatic — and vibrant in the stile concitato episodes, as in Nerone’s violent quarrel with Seneca; while the florid passages, such as the duet with Lucano (William Blake), were nimbly executed. - See more at: (2016)

“Eve Daniell as Athalia whose soprano was possessed of some strikingly rich and dark hues, and yet whose sound was so well shaped that it proved highly pleasing to the ear. Her Athalia came across as such a strong character that, in spite of everything she had done, it was impossible not to feel for her from the very first moment that she started to lose control, let alone at her final demise.” - musicOMH (2015)

“Eve Daniell stood out as Konstanze, her vocal intensity and precision echoing throughout the entire room.” - The Culture Trip (2015)

“Eve Daniell, who impressed me so much in last year’s Cosí fan tutte, barnstorms her way through Konstanze, the virtuoso arias sending shivers down my spine. Neatly balancing the comedy aspects of her character with genuine affection she’s a wonder to watch.” - London City Nights (2015)

“The Canadian soprano Eve Daniell was a real find as the tall, jolly-hockeysticks Fiordiligi. She had great poise and mock-regal presence and her singing was very fine. Her warm soprano, with its easy, agile top and its solid lower register, was a good fit for ‘Come scoglio’ and ‘Per pietá.’ - Opera Magazine (2014)

Eve Daniell was sensational in the highly demanding role of Fiordiligi. - Sunday Express (2014)

Royal Academy Opera
Royal Academy of Music

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