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Mike Bradley

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United Kingdom

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Carmen Flower Aria MP3

Lensky's Aria

[...]it felt to me that Jose – admirably played with some first-rate acting on top his singing by Mike Bradley – was by far the more manipulative of the two main characters. (2019)

As Jose, Mike Bradley is just as good vocally, but he also delivers some of the finest acting I've seen at this venue - he has a lot of heavy lifting to do as Jose's world collapses, and he does it with a wit and charm that curdles credibly into pathological jealousy. (2019)

I found myself looking to Jose, Mike Bradley and Escamillio, Dan DeSouza, in order for me to feel something, anything. Both of the men equally excelled with their vocals which was music to my ears and Bradley worked his socks of to produce a highly dramatic performance, bravo. (2019)

Mike Bradley formed the other strand of Carmen's desire, Jose. Creating a character that made you both love him and hate him, the chemistry and angst between Jose and Carmen was incredibly believable, leaving the audience genuinely fearing for Carmen, despite Bradley's exquisite voice. (2019)

[...]this may be the first ever Onegin where you want more of party-singer Triquet (Michael Bradley), rather than less. (2017)

The Opera Holland Park Chorus deserves a strong mention, providing many of the cameo performers in the music hall entertainment in Act One, as well as singing admirably, with stand-out roles from Michael Bradley as Augusto... (2017)

[Mike] Bradley looked entirely at home as the besotted Rodolfo and was ideally paired with Andrea Tweedale (Mimi), the object of his devotion. Both had superb voices, a wide spectrum of vocal colour and the capacity to project — as evidenced by the opening love duet, a benchmark for all that followed. (2016)

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