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Thank you for this website!

Yara Zeitoun – Soprano

I have just joined Audition Oracle and have been really pleasantly surprised by the amount of jobs that are going on it. I love the daily email that is sent out. It seems like a very good platform and I look forward to using it intensively!

Lars Fischer – Tenor

Really enjoying the use of Audition Oracle. It’s been extremely useful whilst I am trying to start a career as a classical singer. Thank you!

Jonathan de Garis - Baritone

Audition Oracle has already proven itself to be worth every penny. It makes searching for opportunities incredibly easy, and tailored to my needs. I've already secured a number of exciting performance opportunities, all within the first two months of subscribing.

Bethany Horak-Hallet

Audition Oracle has been an invaluable resource for me since I moved to London. This summer I have had three major contracts all which have come as a result of my subscription to AO.

Tanya Hurst - Soprano

Just to shout out we found 2 singers for our forthcoming show from your website Natasha and Sofia. Thanks!

Edward Lambert, Composer

Thank you so much for a great year of auditions! I definitely got many jobs because of your platform, including my highest paid singing gig yet at Der Glöckner Von Notre Dame in Stuttgart! I would recommend Audition Oracle above all other platforms because, I don't know how you do it, but you literally find every worthy audition there is (in the world) and put it all in one place. Thanks for your amazing work!

Atalia Später - Soprano

I have been lucky to get many auditions through Audition Oracle, including the role of Tatyana with Opera Up Close.

Alexandra Stenson - Soprano

I love Audition Oracle. Keep up the good work and thank you!

Rosalind O'Dowd – Soprano

This is my first year as a subscriber to Audition Oracle and I have found it to be an invaluable resource in leading to paid work including the UK Premiere of The Juniper Tree.

James Corrigan - Baritone

Finding work as a self employed opera singer can be very tough, but Audition Oracle has been a great stepping stone to putting me in touch with employers. If it wasn't for the advert that I received as part of my email preferences, I would never have known that this job even existed, let alone been successful in getting it! Within a day of applying (which was easy having set up a singer profile on their website), I had heard back from the company and been offered the job.

Céline Forrest, Soprano

I’d like to thank you for what you do. This past year I’ve gotten countless auditions through your website and a few jobs as well!

Thorvald Blough - Tenor

Audition Oracle has many personal contacts who pass on details of work, often at short notice. Recently, mezzos were emailed about an opera gala. 14 minutes later I was booked, all before 9am! Thank you Audition Oracle!

Gemma Morsley - Mezzo-Soprano

I've been signed up for about eight months and have found it invaluable. I only get sent what I'm interested in and it's always clear exactly what's on offer, in terms of rehearsal and show dates, fees and venues.

Steven East - Bass-baritone

Audition Oracle has provided me with an efficient and professional service, enabling me to easily search for jobs online and to present my career details so that potential employers can search for my profile. It's easy to use and the regularly alerts are very helpful. I would not hesitate in recommending this service.

Susan Jiwey - Soprano

Audition Oracle has played a great part in getting me seen by some leading companies in the UK and I've also been able to apply for a variety of other one-off jobs, which all help to pay the bills. Audition Oracle has it's finger firmly on the operatic pulse!

Anthony Flaum - Tenor

In addition to casting productions, we’ve also used the Audition Oracle website for solving a few last-minute casting issues, as well as finding soloists for one-off events by browsing profiles, so it’s been a really valuable resource all-round."

Black Cat Opera

Thank you so much for the work you do and the help you give to singers, in particular young singers finding their way in this increasingly difficult business.

Rachel Speirs – soprano

Thanks to Audition Oracle, we were lucky to select a superb cast!

Helen Asrtrid - Producer of the UK premiere of The Juniper Tree

A well-run site. I've got a load of solo roles from going for auditions advertised on the site and have also been asked to sing in four or five other projects via my Audition Oracle Profile page. I made my money back in a couple of months and I regularly recommend it to other singers.

Steven East - Bass-Baritone

I wanted to thank you, Audition Oracle, the donors of the award and the panel who chose my application, once more, for being such a help in this little success which is a very big step in my professional development. Thank you!

Jorge Navarro Colorado - Tenor, AO Award Winner

The vast majority of my opera work for both 2017 and 2018 has been from auditons advertised on the Audition Oracle website.

Julian Debreuil - Bass-baritone

Thanks to you [Audition Oracle] the London auditions went really well.

Helene Muller - Chief Executive of Lost Chord

Audition Oracle goes far and beyond what is expected! the information is clear and accurate. The owner, Melanie, is very sensitive to what singers require and also provides great support to both young singers and experienced seasoned performers.

Ian Massa-Harris, Tenor

I was one of the first to sign up to Audition Oracle and within a week I had my first job singing in a Pinewood Studios movie! This was closely followed by a recording contract for Chandos (Verdi - Macbeth).

Janet Fairlie - Soprano

Audition Oracle already provides an amazing employment resource for us singers, but the fact that you also see and respond to the financial demands on us to prepare roles or manage our online presence, is really significant. Particular thanks for supporting singers who are post-conservatoire, where I think there is particular need for support and recognition.

Sophie Goldrick - Mezzo soprano

I was especially delighted to receive the April 2018 Singers’ Preparation Award, which allowed me to take part in an inspiring weekend at Leeds Lieder on their Young Artist scheme. I am pleased to be an ambassador for the site, spreading the word about the opportunities it provides!"

Caroline Taylor - Soprano

Audition Oracle has been a real asset to me. The website is organised, efficient and easy to use, there is also a huge choice of singing jobs being posted from all over the world. If ever you have a query the website is quick to help. I would thoroughly recommend this site.

Katherine Steffan - Mezzo-soprano

I have been a long time subscriber to the Audition Oracle. I have been very fortunate to receive many auditions and performance opportunities in the three years that I have subscribed to the service and find it an invaluable tool for any professional singer.

Alison Manifold - Soprano

Audition Oracle has provided incredible professional opportunities for myself and continued to inspired me even during COVID, knowing there’s still opportunities to create in difficult times. Their care to give back to artists by reducing their fees during that time also showed their compassion for the artist community. Additionally, the automatic email notifications make it easy to stay up to date on current opportunities in a timely manor. In my opinion, it has been the best database I have subscribed to and for those who are serious in pursing performance opportunities, it is worth the investment. Thank you 🙏

Brittany King, Soprano

Audition Oracle is a real essential when it comes to exploring work opportunities. The user-friendly nature of its clearly-formatted website allows the user to access a wide variety of job offers and audition possibilities, with some applications being completed at the click of a button. Excellent value for money!

James Williams - Baritone

Thank you once again Audition Oracle. I sang ahead of the England v Jamaica games at Copper Box Arena, Olympic Park and I never would have known about this job opportunity without you!

Belinda Evans - Soprano

I’m really happy with how the site works. Many thanks for all your hard work on AO!

Oliver Brignall – Tenor

By Voice Alone has undoubtedly opened doors for me: both through the exposure to the panel and with the introduction to Karen Cargill. I was fortunate enough to win an Artist Preparation Award and my prize was lessons with the wonderful Karen. She has been a fantastic teacher, mentor and source of support for me - especially during COVID times. She has enhanced my technical ability, solidified my feeling of self-worth in the industry and has also helped to establish me as a professional singer. So a huge thank you to By Voice Alone for making this connection! Not only this but I was also able to make introductions with leaders in our industry thanks to By Voice Alone's esteemed panel. By Voice Alone was a huge opportunity to me, and I would highly encourage all to apply!

Stephanie Maitland, contralto - 2019 By Voice Alone Development Award Winner

A company that is changing the landscape of opera for emerging singers ‐ enabling opportunities for those committed to looking and not giving up. The Spotlight of the Actors world, for musicians ‐ we've been waiting a long time for such a powerful resource.

Lizzie Holmes - Soprano

Audition Oracle was such a good find! Through advertising our auditions many talented singers got in contact with us and we managed to cast them in principal roles.

Employer - University College Opera

I have used many online services to find opportunities but Audition Oracle always reaps the best results. My yearly subscription has now paid for itself nearly 100 times over! Audition Oracle is a must have for any freelance singer.

Richard Hansen - Tenor

I subscribed to Audition Oracle to keep up with all the awards, scholarships, classes, auditions and competitions that are on offer and have found it to be an indispensable resource that no performer should be without.

Monique Simone – Mezzo soprano

I really love using audition oracle and check it every day for new opportunities.

Lucy van Gasse – Soprano

All the best for your continued success with this amazing website...

Bryony Soothill, soprano

Audition Oracle has already shown itself to be a highly valuable resources for jobs, even for an entry-level performer such as myself.

Joe Partridge - Baritone

With Audition Oracle I have secured some great auditions and work including a call back audition for Phantom of the Opera in the West End to singing jobs in Mozart concerts, requiems and a TV commercial. It is a great resource and I am so happy to be a part of it.

Saira Luther

Thank you so much for your help with auditions again – we received a huge number of applications, the majority of which were through Audition Oracle, and have managed to fully cast our production of La bohème.

Employer - Black Cat Opera

I really admire what you have achieved with audition oracle. I find the concept brilliant and thanks to you I have been successful in a number of engagements that I wouldn't have even known about without being an Audition Oracle subscriber, so a massive thank you!

Rebecca Louise Dale - Soprano

I have been using Audition Oracle for over five years now, and the opportunities are endless. It was on AO that I heard about auditions for the Swiss choir The Zurich Chamber Singers, and because of that audition I have been singing with them for four years now. I have gotten other gigs from AO, all of which were wonderful experiences. This site has changed the way I audition, and I appreciate it immensely. It showcases the vast opportunities all around the world, which I otherwise would not hear about.

Amy Farnell - Mezzo-Soprano

Since joining Audition Oracle I have found many opportunities to audition for. The weekly update really spurs you on to spruce up your cv and keep those audition arias in top condition.

Naomi Kilby - Soprano

I've just enjoyed a fascinating week's research and development project for a major theatre company, which was advertised through the service. Without Audition Oracle I wouldn't have known this work even existed."

Joanna Gamble - mezzo soprano

Audition Oracle does exactly what I want it to.

Christopher Why – Tenor

Audition Oracle has provided me with high quality opportunities that I would never have known about without them. A dedicated and invaluable service with a nice personal touch.

Ed Bonner - Tenor

A colleague introduced me to Audition Oracle after telling her to let me know if she heard of any auditions coming up! Since joining I have had many auditions, and offers, and at the moment doing a Mozart Magic Tour, that's taking me all the way to Northern and Southern Ireland."

Denver Martin-Smith - Baritone

I was very impressed with your site and will certainly recommend it to other conductors in addition to using it again myself should I find myself in need in the future.

Tom Fowkes - Musical and Artistic Director

Thanks for the heads up on "the film". It is great that you have quite a few notifications for things that are "outside the box" of the usual standard opera singer bracket. See you on the film set!

Angharad Lewis - Mezzo-Soprano

I have had so many interesting opportunities this year thanks to Audition Oracle

Richard Rittleman, Bass-Baritone

Audition Oracle is such a blessing for singers - you don't realise how much time you spend scouring the Internet for opportunities until you don't have to do it any more! I would recommend Audition Oracle to any singer who is trying to negotiate freelance life.

Mimi Doulton - Soprano

I have been using Audition Oracle since its inception and have found it an invaluable resource - not just for its thorough and comprehensive audition listings but also as a means for prospective employers to get in touch with me.

Lindsay Bramley - Mezzo-soprano

Thank you for all you do – Audition Oracle is an invaluable resource."

Chris Webb - Bass-baritone

Having relocated from abroad AO provides current information about opportunities and companies without having to scour the Internet for hours.

Tanya Hurst - Soprano

This is my first year working as a professional freelance singer in the UK. As I have just graduated, Audition Oracle is a very helpful website to help me find the most relevant auditions.

Daniella Sicari - Soprano

Thank you Audition Oracle for your continued excellent service and information. I am very much enjoying a contract from a work opportunity I found advertised on your Auditions Board a few months ago. My application to audition directly through your website was, as ever, quick and hassle-free.

Kathryn Hannah, Mezzo-Soprano

I have had many approaches from people who have found my details on their site, and only yesterday received an invitation to audition for a company I have long admired, who saw me in another role and found me via Audition Oracle's artist listings. I am more than delighted with the service AO provide, and would highly recommend them to anyone seeking to find more and better work, but with less effort!

Lindsay Bramley - Mezzo-soprano

I really do value the service and think it’s very good."

Charlotte Richardson - Soprano

I have found Audition Oracle to be such an excellent resource, and I am very thankful for its existence!

Emily Kyte - Mezzo-soprano

As a full-time member of Audition Oracle, I have had great success in finding professional Singing work and Career Development opportunities."

Susanna Heard – soprano

Audition Oracle has been an invaluable tool for advancing my career. I have had access to auditions in A-houses across Europe thanks to their service and have for the past year been working successfully at the Vienna State Opera. I’ve been able to make the jump from student to full time singer thanks to the endless auditions Audition Oracle source. This service gives me the freedom to minimise my admin and to concentrate on my craft which many singers know can really take time! If it wasn’t for Audition Oracle I would never have known about this audition, let alone got the job! It’s a wonderful service, run by excellent people and 100% worth every penny!

Laura Curry, Soprano

I found a contract in Bonn as 2nd Alto thanks to your website. Now I can move there and start a new life.

Joëlle Fleury - Mezzo-soprano

I became aware of an urgent extra chorus vacancy [Wexford Festival Opera] which fitted perfectly with a gap in my schedule through Audition Oracle. I submitted my application and recordings and less than 24 hours later had a contract sent to me.

Ricardo Panela - Baritone

I find the Audition Oracle to be a fantastic, user friendly, customisable platform, which allows me to find opportunities in markets unfamiliar to my agent. For me, it has translated into a low cost, high yield option.

Jean-Pascal Heynemand, Tenor

I have been a subscriber to Audition Oracle for many years now and I really appreciate all the work that you do in collating the precious opportunities, protecting subscribers.

Luci Briginshaw – soprano

Audition Oracle is a great website. Everything is very clear and well presented. I wouldn't change a thing. Thank you!

Joana Gil – Soprano

Without AO's help, I wouldn't have got in front of the team at Iford and therefore would not have secured the role of Rodolfo last year. Consequently, I don't believe I would've been considered for this year's production of Butterfly. So, I am particularly thankful for AO's efforts.

Anthony Flaum - Tenor

I am so pleased to be have got two very good jobs this month as a direct result of my Audition Oracle membership.

Richard Hansen - Tenor

Audition Oracle helped us out of a tight spot recently, when we needed a Marullo for a production of Rigoletto that was due to start rehearsing in less than a fortnight. Within an hour of the post being publicised via AO we had had a handful of quality replies, and within two hours, we had our Marullo. Huge thanks to Audition Oracle for helping to save the day!

Company Manager - Heritage Opera Ltd

I have been a subscriber to Audition Oracle for roughly 6 months and in that time it has enabled me to sing at a succession of auditions, which in turn have led to a steady stream of work over the next few months.

Jullian Debreuil - Bass-Baritone

Audition Oracle is a very useful website. It saves me having to look elsewhere to try and find auditions. I think, as it stands, it is just right for singers seeking work.

Olive Murray - Soprano

You do the most fabulous job!

Alastair Bamford, bass-baritone

When I was told about the birth of Audition Oracle I was excited that finally there was a one stop shop for audition notifications and I hoped that my years of keeping audition databases would be coming to an end.... and I was proven right!

Ian Mass-Harris, Tenor

Thanks for another year of fantastic service from Audition Oracle

Julian Debreuil, Bass-baritone

I found out about both Blondchen (Warsaw Chamber Opera) and Adina (New Sussex Opera) via Audition Oracle and both have been good experiences. I am very pleased with the service that Audition Oracle provides, if it wasn’t for this service, it would be very difficult to keep up with a lot going on, particularly in the UK.

Nicola Said - Soprano

I would recommend Audition Oracle to anyone looking for the opportunity to find work as a singer. I’ve been using it for several years now since starting out professionally, and it is my go-to when looking for opportunities. Since then, I have been lucky enough to work for opera companies all over the country. The daily emails are also a fantastic and convenient way to keep up to date with the jobs that are currently being advertised.

Sam Young - Baritone, March 2022

Audition Oracle is an invaluable website for all Musical Directors and anyone wishing to cast an opera. It is easy to access the information you need and is a great saver of time! It has enabled our company to cast roles much more quickly than through other routes. Quite simply, it is a godsend to busy musicians and directors!

Margaret Johnson - Musical Director, Felici Opera

Within a few months of using Audition Oracle, I secured a filming contract and a solo oratorio concert. I highly recommend it to all singers."

Ruth Kiang

Audition Oracle has become an indispensable tool for me, saving a lot of time and effort trawling websites for auditions and opportunities. Within two months of subscribing I received three offers of solo work (including one in Kuwait) because of Audition Oracle.

Sheridan Edward - Tenor

I like to keep abreast of what's going on where and the regular updates enable me to do that, although it's also possible to specify what kind of jobs you want to hear about and limit the information coming through to just your specific requirements. I think it's great value for money, and I wouldn't want to be without it.

Joanne Gamble - Mezzo-soprano

I’ve just been given a local oratorio gig Audition Oracle had listed so am really thrilled! Thanks so much.

Erika Mädi Jones - Soprano

Thank you so much. It's amazing. This thing is a miracle and it saved my life"

Stephen Crowe - Composer

I have been a member of Audition Oracle for approximately a year and I have enjoyed its services. I would highly recommend this subscription service to anyone who wants to 'stay in the loop'.

Louisa Barry - Mezzo-soprano

I subscribed to Audition Oracle to keep up with all the auditions, awards, scholarships, classes and competitions that are on offer and have found it to be an indispensable resource that no performer should be without. Audition Oracle provides a first rate service.

Monique Simone - Mezzo-soprano

I have used Audition Oracle to find soloists for choral and orchestral concerts and have been astonished by the excellent quality of singers I have been able to engage through the site.

Alexander Walker - Conductor

Having been a member of Audition Oracle for over a year now, I have received so many auditions and opportunities as a result of my online applications. I am pleased to be an ambassador for the site, spreading the word about the opportunities it provides!

Caroline Taylor - Soprano