Jorge Navarro Colorado wins rave reviews in the Göttingen International Festival!

By Audition Oracle – Mon 5 Jun 2017 @ 10:37

Tenor Jorge Navarro Colorado wins rave reviews in the Göttingen International Festival!


"Jorge Navarro Colorado gave us a breathtaking virtuoso display (while still acting his socks off) at the beginning of Act Two."
The Arts Desk

We are delighted to announce that Jorge’s debut at the Göttingen International Festival has been met with widespread critical acclaim. After winning the role of Beregnario in Handel’s Lotario, Jorge applied for our 2017 Preparation Scholarship Award. This award is specifically designed to help provide extra training in preparation for an important upcoming professional engagement (be it an opera, concert or related performance) with no age restrictions. Jorge was the recipient of this year’s award and it is wonderful to hear from him that all the preparation has paid off:

Jorge Navarro-Colorado

Berengario Lotario at the 2017 Göttingen Handel Festival


"I've had an amazing time, I felt completely well prepared and never below the level of my more experienced colleagues, and it has just been a joy to take part in such amazing production with such talented people. To top it off, I'm having more work offers following this job, and I take with me some lovely reviews:

"A second highlight of the direction and the unmistakable vocal artistry of the singers is Berengario’s great aria of remorse in the third act, in which Jorge Navaro Colorado, with a breathtaking mastery of coloratura, transforms the physicality of his character also with the most masterful vocal variety and musical characterisation."
Guido Müller - IOCO

 “As Mathilde’s husband Beregnario, Jorge Navarro Colorado displays an elegant, noble tenor. "
Michael Schäfer - Göttinger Tageblatt

"Jorge Navarro Colorado has much to sing as Berengario. With his radiant, high tenor, he shows himself completely mobile in the fast runs and performs a credible change from the evil villain to the repentant man. This is especially evident in his aria in the third act, "Vi sento, sì, rimorsi entro al mio sen", when he is always plagued by feelings of guilt and collapses in the arms of his wife."
Thomas Molke - OMM

"I wanted to thank you, Audition Oracle, the donors of the award and the panel who chose my application, once more, for being such a help in this little success which is a very big step in my professional development. Thank you!!”


We wish Jorge great success in the future! Our Singer's Preparation Scholarship has continued to grow each year and with no age or nationality restrictions, we hope that it will inspire other organisations to offer this type of open support for singers regardless of their age or stage of their career.  Look out for the opening of the 2018 Scholarship Award later on in the year!