5 Best Apps for Creating Music at Home

By Audition Oracle – Thu 23 Apr 2020 @ 9:28

The Louloubelles


During the current pandemic, we have all seen our news feeds fill up with musical offerings from our favourite artists. Here’s 5 handy apps you can use to unleash and share your creative flare from the safety of your living room! One of our favourite creations to date is this fabulous performance by the wonderful soprano Louise Alder:

🐷🐎🐥🐄... The Louloubelles. Arrangement by Ross Baum and Ben Holtzman. Rarrangwd by L.Alder. Happy Easter y’all. 💋🎶 https://t.co/VQnlRESZSH



1.     Acapella


The most popular of the 5 apps we found, probably because it is very easy to use. It provides a simple way to create a capella videos, and with the free version you can record songs up to 10 minutes in length. It’s a great tool for beginners and people who are new to making music using technology.


2. Spire


Another free app, Spire is great for people who want to experiment with multi-tracking. Unlike Acapella, Spire creates audio rather than video, but is much more functional in terms of what you can do with layering and mixing.


3. PicPlayPost 


Made by the same company as Acapella, this is a video and collage editor which allows you to add up to 4 prerecorded videos rather than having to record each video live into the app. Useful if you’re going a step further and creating a musical extravaganza!


4. Medly


A highly rated app, this one is great for mixing music, recording live tracks and creating loops and samples with their preinstalled sounds. The basic app includes 16 free instruments and 100 loops. If you become a member, you can access new sounds released every month. 


5. Garageband


Available for free on all Apple devices, Garageband makes it easy to record and mix music. Apple’s built in sound and loop library is always growing, and you can also learn to play the guitar or piano with their 40 basic lessons!