When as a singer you find yourself unable to work, what next?

By Audition Oracle – Wed 20 Apr 2016 @ 12:15

When as a singer you find yourself unable to work, what next?

Support in times of need


This week’s blog post was due to be on an entirely different subject but I have been derailed by a chance meeting with a professional singer in Spain. It turned out she has previously had cancer of the tonsils and then after recovering from that operation has now had a cyst removed from her vocal cords. She is devastated at the idea she may never sing again for, as with so many singers, it is both her livelihood and passion.

What happens when you are studying to be a professional singer or have already been working in the field for years and serious illness stops you and your voice in its tracks? Perhaps you are unable to work for other reasons such as family bereavement, loss of hearing or emotional problems. You can't audition, you can't work, your bills are stacking up and you feel impotent. What next? How will you live and be able to afford specialist treatment when required (as for freelancers sick pay is not on the table) let alone have the time and space to recover and heal?

There is more help out there than you realise and removing the financial stress will help you to allow yourself time to recuperate properly.


Help Musicians UK - helpmusicians.org.uk

Help Musicians UK (formerly the Musicians Benevolent Fund) are an incredible charity. They have a specific Music Student Help Scheme for those studying at recognised institutions and you can check the criteria to apply here helpmusicians.org.uk/emerging-musicians/music-student-health-scheme
For those already working, or those retiring, there is also an amazing amount of help available helpmusicians.org.uk/working- retired-musicians

BAPAM – bapam.org.uk

The Brittish Association of the performing arts is fantastic service that offers free, specialist medical advice to help overcome work-related health problems for full and part-time professionals, student performing artists and crew. To book an appointment bapam.org.uk/perf_clinics.html

The Royal Society of Musicians - royalsocietyofmusicians.org

The Royal Society of Musicians have been helping musicians in need since 1978! They have even been known to become aware of a singers plight via other musicians and have sent a cheque through the post out of the blue! royalsocietyofmusicians.org/supporting-musicians-in-need/

Know of another source of financial aid?

These are just three examples of the help out there for singers & instrumentalist in need of financial assistance through no fault of their own. Please email [email protected] or comment on this post with further sources and we will update this post.