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Self-confidence and opera auditions

Audition OracleFri 26 Jun 2015 @ 11:10

Self-confidence and opera auditions  

1. Confidence

Confidence is a really important part of being a successful singer. Too much and you will come across as arrogant and people may not warm to you. Not enough and people may doubt your ability – even if you sing like an angel.  

2. Avoiding the energy zappers

When in the audition waiting area, don’t allow yourself to absorb the nervous energy of other singers. You know the type - they stand inches from your face and want to know what you are singing for the panel… they also want you to know that they sang the role you are auditioning for at The Met just last week. Move away. Hide in the toilet if you have to. Just don’t let them undermine your inner confidence. 

3. Is it a cold or is it nerves?

Should you tell the panel you are ill? If you think it is affecting your voice that much, should you really be doing the audition? Don’t mention it unless asked, otherwise people will assume you are making excuses and thus not confident in your own abilities.

4: Dress for Success!

We all know that when we are comfortable and feel just a little bit special in what we are wearing, we feel more confident; and if we feel more confident, we will naturally sing better. Find the balance between comfort and a professional image. Read our blog about it here...

5: But I'm the better singer and didn't get cast!?

The best singers aren’t always the ones employed as a result of opera auditions. People don’t always like to take a risk. They want to know that you will turn up, sing the right notes and be a good colleague. If they think they will have to stroke your ego and hold your hand every step of the way, they aren’t likely to bother - unless of course you are world class, in which case perhaps it adds to your USP! Then again, maybe confidence, a lot of money and a diva strut is all you really need…

6. What helps inspire confidence the most?

7. Or you could always "Fake it till you make it!"